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Discover the Middle Rhine from the Parkhotel Andernach

Vineyards. Forests and meadows. The banks of the Rhine. There is a lot to see around the Parkhotel Andernach. Experience natural spectacles. Stroll through tranquil landscapes. It's not for nothing that the Middle Rhine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Eifel Maars

Idyllic lakes with volcanic history

The Eifel Maars are craters of extinct volcanoes. In the past, they still spewed fire and magma. Today the crater lakes are quiet places with crystal-clear water. The Pulvermaar near Gillenfeld is one of the best known. You can reach it - as well as the other maars in the region - from the Parkhotel Andernach by car in about an hour.

The crater of the Powder Maar is almost completely filled with water. Almost circular. 74 metres deep. The deepest maar in the Eifel. The best thing to do is to hire a rowing boat. Spend a few leisurely hours on the still waters. In the middle of the volcano.

From the deepest maar in the Eifel to the largest. The Meerfelder Maar lies in a huge crater. It is at least 30,000 years old. An interesting place. On its southern edge lies the small village of Meerfeld. Take a moment to linger.

You will find three maars in one fell swoop near the village of Daun. The Daun maars have their very own charm. In the Gemünder Maar, for example, you swim in a deep, forested funnel. Perfect for a summer holiday. The Schalkenmehren Maar, on the other hand, has a shallow edge. Here you can relax wonderfully on the shore. And even camp. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to swim in the Weinfelder Ma ar. But here you can observe the untouched nature of the volcanic crater. This is not an everyday opportunity. Something special. 

Climbing forests Sayn and Mayen

Fun for the whole family

Climb. Swinging. Balancing. The Sayn Climbing Forest is a real family hit. A highlight for children. It is located on the eastern edge of the village of Sayn near Bendorf. In the middle of the forest. In the middle of nature. 140 stations with ropes and obstacles await you and the little ones. Climb up to 22 metres. Children as young as 1 metre tall can let off steam in "Takka-Tukka-Land". Parents can relax. Or you can simply climb along. From the Parkhotel Andernach you can reach the climbing forest in just 25 minutes. And the fun can begin.

More than 80 elements at heights of up to 18 metres await you in the Vulkanpark climbing forest near Mayen. In all degrees of difficulty. At every altitude. The whole family will get their money's worth here.

Climbing is allowed from the age of four. As in the Sayn Climbing Forest, very young climbers can try out the Takka-Tukka-Land at a height of 2 metres. Climbing elements close to the ground make learning easier. The Parkhotel Andernach wishes you lots of fun!

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