Follow the lava flow

From the Parkhotel Andernach to the spectacular Eifel Volcano Park

Bubbling lakes. Mighty volcanoes. Lava rock. Today as they were thousands of years ago. Learn more about the explosive history of the landscape around Andernach. Explore the Eifel Volcano Park. Conveniently from the Parkhotel Andernach.

Experience adventures deep under the earth

In the Bendisberg mine in Langenfeld

Deep underground. Between thousands of tonnes of rock. In the Bendisberg Pit between Hirten and Langenfeld you will go on an exciting discovery tour. Lead and zinc ore used to be mined in the mine. Now you can visit everything. Adits and shafts. Ore veins and explosives chambers. A unique experience. For young and old. Especially for children, the adventure mine is a real adventure. A lorry ride awaits you and the young miners. The "dwarf search". And the "riddle tunnel".

Going in search of ancient traces

In the Rauscher Park and Roman Mine in Kretz

The idyllic Rauscherpark. Here the Nette slowly but surely saws its way through a mighty lava flow. Huge basalt blocks are inexorably meandered through by the small river. Traces of the Romans who quarried the black rock can still be seen in the lava rock today.

Turn your excursion into a real mining tour. From Rauscherpark, walk through the Krufter Bachtal valley to the Meurin Roman mine near Kretz. Here you can experience re-enacted work scenes from the mine. As early as around the year 300, tufa stone was mined in the Meurin mine for the opulent buildings of the Roman rulers.

The Rauscherpark and the Meurin Roman Mine are not far away. From the Parkhotel Andernach you need less than 15 minutes by car. A walk is also worthwhile. There are interesting landscapes to see along the way.

Feeling a "volcanic eruption" first hand

In the Lava Dome in Mendig

Be there live during a "volcanic eruption". In the Lava Dome in Mendig. Feel the power of the earth in an impressive way. Explore the lava cellars. Dark tunnels and shafts are waiting to be explored by you.

You can reach Mendig from the Parkhotel Andernach in about 15 minutes. Learn the secret behind volcanism. Let "talking stones" tell you the stories of famous volcanoes. Listen attentively.

Admire the magnificent Lady Chapel

On the Karmelenberg

Volcanism, history and architecture. The Karmelenberg connects them all. It emerged from the fiery interior of the earth. It was once known as the "witches' mountain". The way up is truly magical. Lined with gnarled trees. Thousands of years old. At the top of Mount Carmel is the beautiful Lady Chapel.

Baron Waldbott von Bassenheim had it built in 1666. It is considered the oldest baroque church in the Koblenz area. The Karmelenberg, as well as the other destinations, can be wonderfully integrated into a hike. We will be happy to help you with the planning.

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